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MDub Illustrations - Animal drawings and wildlife art by Madeleine Dubé
Madeleine Dube

The Animal Drawings from MDubIllustrations

Hello, my name is Madeleine Dubé, I'm an animal artist and freelance illustrator based in Montreal, Quebec. I'm the drawing artist behind all the realistic and detailed animal drawings on this website. I completed a BFA in painting and drawing at Concordia University. I specialize in colorful animal art and illustrations, as well as black and white animal and wildlife drawings. Pets, wildlife, farm animals, cute animals and animal portraits, I enjoy drawing and sketching all of them.

Animal Artist and Illustrator Madeleine Dubé

If you need realistic, colorful and beautiful animal drawings for a specific project, contact me. I also do pet portraits and commissioned wildlife and animal art, as well as scientific illustration and children's book illustrations.

Every animal artwork and illustration on this website is available for licensing. If you need any animal and wildlife art for licensing, don't hesitate to contact.

I also love suggestions and feedback! If you have a special artwork request that you would like to see on this website, or any comments in general, don't hesitate to contact me by email at or by phone (1-514-770-0705). Any inquiries about licensing and terms of use are welcome.

MDubIllustrations Goals and Mission

Through my drawings I want to give kids and adults alike feelings of awe and wonder at the beauty of life and nature, and help create magic moments. I want people to dream and to rediscover the beauty of simple things. I also want to share my passion for drawing as a hobby and pastime through coloring pages, drawing lessons and step by step animal drawings. Drawing is so much fun!

Madeleine Dubé's Artist Statement

I'm passionate about nature and all its myriad creatures, from the microscospic organism to long extinct species. I'm just amazed at all this terrestrial paradise has to offer us, and I love expressing this beauty through drawings. I enjoy doing expressive artworks, trying to capture what is unique in the animal through brightly colored markers, pencils or simply black and white ink drawings.

Drawing and Coloring courses

Are you looking to learn to draw and color? I offer individual classes for beginners! No need to have any prior experiences. Everyone can learn to draw! Contact me if you are interested.

I'm also working on other artistic projects. If you are interested in finding out about other aspects of my art, please visit these websites!

A lizard observed in Arizona